Ylang-Ylang: A Favorite of Aromatherapists

Ylang-ylang, is known as perfume tree in Malaysia. It is one of the most important ingredients of perfume. Its smell is rich but not choking. And it has an astonishing durability, lasting for at least three days.

Indonesian people have a romantic tradition that they always sprinkle ylang-ylang petals on the bed of the newlyweds. This is because ylang-ylang’s warm smell and aphrodisiac effect.

Considering its special fragrancy and effects, we can apply ylang-ylang oil in varied ways.

Skin care

Ylang-ylang oil is good for skin and hair. Regardless of dry or oily skin, this oil is a good choice for daily skincare and massage.

In particular, it stimulates and reinforces the scalp, and makes the new hair shiny. For example, women in the South China Sea use ylang oil to trim their hair. In Europe, it is also one of the ingredients of hair oil.

Body Maintenance

Ylang-ylang oil has a reputation for balancing hormones and is invaluable in regulating the reproductive system.

Basically, it is beneficial to the uterus tonic. Parturient can receive warm comforts from it after caesarean. It is also said to help keep your chest firm.Besides, this oil is especially famous for aphrodisiac function, which improves sexual apathy and sexual incompetence.

On the other hand, ylang-ylang oil works very well for breathlessness and high heart rate. Also, its calming effect reduces high blood pressure.

Mind Adjustment

Ylang-ylang oil can fist anger, anxiety, shock, panic and fear, making you confident, happy and relaxed.


As I mentioned before, ylang-ylang oil is a good helper for the couple. You can put it on the bedroom and enjoy a sweet night with your mate.

Despite its amazing benefits, we still need to take care while using. If you are in inflammation and eczema, you’d better avoid it. Also, low dosage is recommended.