Scalp Massage and Eye Exercise Against Wrinkles

Afraid of wrinkles? Unluckily, with each minute, we are growing old and these changes are not so visible until the wrinkles occur.

For sure, we all want to get rid of signs of aging. But how can we do that except the quality skin care products?

Here we introduce two special ways.

  • Scalp massage

Scalp care and massage is also effective for eyes care. Unexpected? Because it is connected in one piece with the skin of the face.

(The cells can form a connection in a certain shape.)

Afterwards, after the massage, put both hands to raise your skin around eyes, lasting for 30 seconds. It’s worth a try everyday as the cell has their memory of the skin shapes. Gradually, your eye skin gets firming and lifted.

Here are the simple steps :

1. use the belly of the finger, other than the thumb, to life the hairline of the hair and tug toward the parietal for 30 seconds.
2. raise the scalp on the ear with the lower part of the palm (slightly above the wrist) and keep 30 seconds.

  •  Eyes exercise

Around the eyes, there is a muscle called the eye ring muscle. If this muscle declines, it will lead to sagging of eyes. Regularly eye exercise will lead to the training of this muscle and dry eye elimination.

Therefore, we should spend more time strengthen this muscle. And here ere are eye exercise steps:

1. Squint eyes without wrinkling the eyebrows.
2. Push the outer corner up diagonally with your finger to close your eyes.
3. Open the eyes and then press down to the diagonal (outside) and close.
4. Open your eyes and close your eyes from now on straight outward.

This one set. Let’s do about ten sets per day.

Generally speaking, eyes caring can’t show effects  immediately. So we need to take care of them patiently without giving up.