To be white and beautiful without makeup!

A good makeup is likely to make you gorgeous among ladies. However, do you feel the same confident without makeup.? Being attractive without makeup is attractive indeed.

To become a beauty, beautiful white skin is indispensable.
Let’s check the point about the whitening methods to replace makeup.

Firstly, observe your face and figure out what kind of stains and spots are noticeable.
For example, brown spots around the eyes are usually caused by poor blood circulation. And stuffy pores and redness of the cheeks often give rise to dark spots.

There is a whitening care that suits each symptom. And it is the original metabolism of skin. But it takes some time.

In addition, you are supposed to get enough ultraviolet protections and keep away from dryness.

Furthermore, blood circulation by massageļ¼Œand a balanced diet is good for skin metabolism.

Last, a good quality sleep helps a lot.

Above are the daily habits for whitening skin, the the following skincare method is also important.

Firstly, remove skin stains and old calluses.
It is recommended to wash your face once every 7 to 10 days. Do not do more often, because calluses also function as skin protection barrier.

Then let’s get rid of the stopper that causes black spots on your nose. You can take this step with hot steam and remove the black waste gently. What’s more, do remember to feed more water to your loose pores. Or it will get bigger and darker. Besides, tightening lotion is a must.

Finally, let’s cover your clean skin with a whitening cream.
It is necessary to look for the product which does not become oily. Before putting the cream on your skin, try to put it on the palm for 10 seconds.
Why? Because warmed cream with the body temperature extends to skin much better.

In a word, the steps are not difficult to take while it’s hard to persist day after day. So are you ready?