How to Become a White Beauty via Eating?

A white beauty is endearing even in girls’ eyes. As a matter of fact, take proper food, is one of whitening cares, making you a white beauty.

If a chemical reaction in the body get you blemished or pigmented, then there must be some opposite reactions. In other words, we should try our best to create the opposite reactions.

So what kind of nutrients do we need in the diet?

To put it simply, if we want to become white, we should eating ingredients with antioxidant action.  At first , those ingredients can enhance skin metabolism. Next, your skin metabolism can excrete melanin. Are you familiar with the word “melanin”? Yes, that’s the bad guy who causes stains.

As sunburn creates an active oxygen , we will get blemishes as a result.  Antioxidant foods are to suppress this active oxygen. So let’s take a look at each of these ingredients in more detail.

Vitamin C is a typical. It works to maintain white and beautiful skin. And we feel easy to get it in our daily life. In general, vitamin C is  included in fruits and vegetables. Particularly, tomatoes (raw, juices, ketchup)  have 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E.

For example, the parsley can reduce the melanin pigment and help prevent cancer as well. Maybe you don’t like the unique aroma of parsley and a special tip for you: cooking using butter.

In addition, vitamin C can help promote collagen formation . So add some soybean, honey, wheat germ, etc in your diet and get younger!

The other whitening star is astaxanthin.  Astaxanthin has a good anti-oxidant effect and melanin-inhibiting effect as well.
In order to get it, we can eat salmon, snapper, shrimp, crab and roe.

Also, ellagic acid often appears in whitening cosmetics. Because it offers high oxidation action and then suppresses aging  . Often you can see it in pomegranate and berry-based fruits.

Now we have a basic understanding of the antioxidant ingredients. And do you have any ideal match for tomorrow’s meal? With a specific menu, you can be a white beauty easily.

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