Vigeland Park-the Biggest Sculpture Park

Vigeland Park is the biggest sculpture park in the world  with a  geometric layout . In general, it covers an area of 50 hectares, with 192 sculptures and 192 relief. As a matter of fact,  all the works there are designed by Sculptor Gustav Vigeland   independently, taking 40 years.  So, the park was named after Vigeland.

The park is called “the life park” according to its theme of life.
To put it simply, there are two features here. On the one hand,  most of the sculptures in the park are nude, with stone sculptures and bronze ones. On the other hand, we  can easily  find that the background of this park is based on large green space and lakes.

For those visitors, most of them are locals who seek for a relax  time and enjoy the green views  here.

The sculpture at the door is Gustav Vigeland.  And the whole park has a 850-meter-long axis, consisting of three parts .

Part one:  bridge of life

The first part is “the bridge of life”.  We can see many character sculptures in this long bridge across a river.  And those characters ages differently , from children to the elderly with various gestures.

The most impressive one is “the angry kid”.  He is crying  and punching around and maybe lost his candies.

Part two: tree of life

This one comprises  fountains and flowers. And it  shows the relationships among family.  In light of their expressions, their relations are sincere and touching.

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