Velvet Dress Is Back

My memory about Velvet dress is all about Scarlet’s costume, the one made with curtain, the one she wore when she went to the jail asking Rhett for financial assistance. Looking around the fashion world, I’ve seen the signal of Velvet dresses back to the stage recently. Okay then, after all it’s F/W season, a velvet dress will work sometimes.

Here are some dresses that I’ve noticed and selected to share with you.


Long velvet dress with chic leather slippers —this magical combination is becoming popular.

The model in a printed blue velvet dress looks like a lazy kitty. Simple but gorgeous, it’s always attractive and a perfect fit for your modern life.


Printed velvet plus over size, it reminds me of old times. Vintage is the new sexy now.

Classic velvet feels more graceful. From Brick Lane in London to your home, velvet can always surprise you. Its  eternal unique quality never lets you down.


The charm of velvet dress lies in its diversity. Various combination of color and design creates versatile styles. It could be sweet, it could be cool, too. It could be soft, it could be tough, too.

The velvet fabric is soft, but it drops well, that’s why it looks great when made into dress, skirt, or jacket.



If you are done with those dull suits, why not try velvet blazer?  It can surprisely highlight your professional look. Smooth touch may comfort you and  let  you sparkle with confidence.

Also, if you prefer casual, velvet coat is a must-have item.  No one can resist it, when it makes you look taller, prettier , of course , most importantly, sexier.


Seldom did anyone expect that velvet gets along so well with sports!

She might look like a princess but you are the queen.