Three Main Essential Oil Beauty Ways

October 24, 2017

We can use essential oils in many ways, such as bathing, massage, steaming surface and direct smelling. However, the most fashionable use of essential oils is for beauty and hairdressing.
You must want to know it in more detail? Here we classify their beauty effects into the flowing three types.

Tyep.1 Maintain skin
When it comes to skincare, we firstly think of the cosmetics products. So why do we need the essential oils? Because essential oils maintain the skin both physically and mentally.

Although you can find almost every essential oils in the market, I’d like to introduce you the most popular two kinds for maintaining skin.
The first is rose essential oil. This makes your skin more active, and only a little can let skin feel young. Also, it enjoys quite remarkable whitening effect.
The other is lavender essential oil. In general, it has a very wide range of effects, such as calming skin and discharging scars.

Tyep.2 Body shaping

An aromatic massage goes with aromatic essential oil for sure. Aroma massage can ease the stiffness of the muscle, relax body and mind. Also, when the essential oil ingredients get into your body, it will improve your metabolism and better skin curve.
Besides, in this process, it is best to choose a professional masseur.

Tyep.3 Glossy hair
The first step of a hairdressing is a glossy hair. Oils such as geranium, olive oil, or lavender and rosemary are good for your hair. So you can choose a good combination of essential oil hair shampoo.

Despite all these benefits, you should also know the flowing tips for oils using.
Pregnant women, infants should keep away from the essential oils. So do the people with high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma and other diseases. Also, you’d better not sniff more than 3 kinds of oil at once, and in the room with continuous 2 hours of essential oil, must be properly ventilated.

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