The rich habits

Thomas C. Corley used to be an accountant, in his career he got consulted by many of his clients about how to be rich. Most of his clients run good business, however stay so close to bankruptcy, which is so unreasonable. Mr. Corley spent much time studying why, and he finally had found something which he shared in this book Rich Habits.

What are the rich habits? I’ll list what he stated as principles.

1.Care about health conditions: rich people spend 20-30 minutes for exercises, 4 times a week on average. Run, jog, walk, riding bicycle or swimming, each is fine to choose. It doesn’t cost a penny to walk or run, the return yet is so good, you have long-term health as your return. 75% of rich people don’t eat fast foods. 

2.Keep reading: 85% of rich people read at least two books each month, 88% of rich people spend 30 minutes to read each day. 51% of them read about history, 55% read about self-growth, 58% read biography of successful people, 79% read study material.

3. Cultivate relationship: 86% of rich people spend time cultivating relationship with people who share the same target or who may be helpful in future.

4.Make decision: 91% of rich people make decision for their own business. Make decision and take the responsibility.

5.Be passionate: 82% of rich people is persistent in their interests. Passion, as long as tapped, is an endless fuel.

6.Set up a goal: 55% of rich people spend more than 1 year pursuing the target they set up.

7.Say “No” a lot: if the request is opposite to the destination they want to reach, rich people would say No.

Everyone wants to be rich, as the book says, start doing as rich people do, you’ll have a rich return.