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The Best Hair Waxes that Last All Day

Once upon a time, the function of hair waxes was easy to choose: those that do not stick, those that allow the hair to be fixed during the day, and those with a natural effect. Now it’s getting more complicated. The waxes not only offer different levels of fixation of the hairstyle, but also different finishes: matte or glossy.

Before we complicate the matter further, let’s take a look at the best hair waxes currently available on the market.¬†This way you can choose the right one for you.¬†

Rumble-59 Schmiere Pomade Water Based Hart
$18.12 $18.12
Rumble 59 is a very soft wax that spreads easily like a gel. Its water-based formula does not dirty the hair which remains soft and silky. The finish is glossy, but not excessive.

The strong hold allows you to keep the hairstyle all day, but at the same time you can reshape your hair with your hands.

It is a very easy wax to remove in the shower and leaves no residue on the hair. Its delicious cherry fragrance lasts for the entire time of use.
Percy Nobleman Gentleman’s Styling Wax
$14 $5.99
Percy Nobleman will help you not only get a great hairstyle, but also sculpt the beard style. Depending on the case, you can appear as an elegant gentleman or an eccentric artist.

This styling wax allows you to enhance your hairstyle during the day – for example when you take off your hat in the winter and find that your hair has lost its shape, you can easily fix it with a comb or your fingers.

You will not find parabens in the composition, as up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin were used in the production. Additionally, this hair wax is hand-blended.
$18.5 $18.5
Whether you want to style your hair in a French crop, Quiff or add character to your Mohawk cut, Redken will allow you to discipline any hairstyle, no matter how wild it is.

It wears so naturally that you will forget you even put it on.

Offers medium hold, perfect for medium to short hair that requires great control. It also works with long hair, on which you will get a slightly more flexible hold.

The wax gives a slight shine, which will transform dull or thinning hair into a rich and attractive hairstyle.
$14.94 $14.94
Forming Cream is one of the best products for thinning hair, but it works equally well on all hair types.

The water-based cream adds volume, making the hair fuller and softer. The cosmetic doesn’t dry out the skin, so you don’t have to worry about dandruff.

Even a small amount is enough to style medium length hair. Using little product has the advantage of leaving the hair softer and more natural looking.
Schwarzkopf Professional [3D] MEN Molding Wax
$21.24 $11.2
Modeling wax is ideal for sculpting medium length hair that lacks volume. This hair styling product is light and creamy and leaves no greasy residue after use.

It allows you to reshape your hair throughout the day and thanks to its properties, it will be fuller, more expressive and will achieve a healthy glow.
TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation
$7.84 $7.84
The nightmare of all men: apply a hair styling product, look in the mirror and find yourself in a kind of oily helmet. Using wax, pomade or other cosmetics, you expect a good hold on your hair, but you certainly don’t want an artificial effect.

The solution is TIGI Bed Head. It is possible that after wearing it, others will not even notice that you have applied the product.
So why use it? To give more volume with a natural hold. There is no need for others to know that you used wax to get your style.
Mad Dog Wax Beard and Hair
$6.33 $6.33
Mad Dog is a 2 in 1 wax perfect for beard and hair. It is a professional product useful in salons with which you can create many exclusive styles. It has a medium hold suitable for structured hairstyles, but with a natural and messy look. It is also excellent for disciplining long hair.

Its water-based formula and matte finish make it virtually invisible and super easy to remove in the evening. For application, a very small amount of product is enough to distribute on dry or wet hair, or on dry beard.