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Thailand Exotic Decorations
If I were to choose my favorite exotic, I would not hesitate to vote for Thailand.  Savadica~~~ is the way Thai say hello.  Thailand carries unique culture, all kinds of things in Thai carry unique style. Just pick one or two small things during your Thai trip, and then put them on your cabinet, they will definitely wow many.
Here are a few things that I personally like.
Soap box made of coconut shell with hand painting
The coconut shell was cut into some flower-like shape and painted as well. Beautiful and elegant, women can hardly resist it.
Soap box made of wood with hand painting. Apparently people use Olay everywhere.
This one seems common, but some delicate details may surprise you. Some cut , made on both sides of the soap box, are for your brushes or other things you may need to put during your shower.
Candle stand, it’s not just everybody’s hand, it’s Buddha’s hand.
In Thailand most people believe in Buddhism. Paintings of Buddha are wonderful and fascinating. This exquisite item is also attractive.
Naughty lazy kitties
Figures of cute cats are often made into lovely decorations. An interesting souvenir as a reminder of your fantastic trip in Thailand.
Kitties again, yes, I’m a cat lover.
A perfect souvenir for lovers. If you travel together or even on your honeymoon trip, this is strongly recommended. It may bring back some fun  memory later.
This pretty thing is a hanger, can you imagine that?
Elephants are the symbol of Thailand. With golden painting and colorful decorations, this one is truly exotic and attractive.
Sanitary Cartoon made of wood.
A special design with authentic wood, very eco-friendly.
Box for tissue & toothpick made of wood
 Another trditional design of a wooden box, exoctic enough.
Will you like one of them in your place?