The Amazing Link Between Whitening and Sleeping!

Are you a short sleeper? And do you have a good skin?
To be honest, if someone has a resilient skin, he or she cannot lack sleeping. This is not just a common belief, but a fact. In general,good sleep is good for skin health, systemic health and mental health.

What is the relationship?
Have you heard the word “golden time of Skin”? This refers to the time zone between 22:00 and 2:00. And it is said that the skin is reborn during this time.
when you are asleep, your body secretes the growth hormone. It stimulates body’s growth by encouraging protein synthesis. Hence it can stop aging.
And its amount is negligible without sleep. While the amount gets its most after your sleeping three to four hours.

Next, it’s about melatonin.
Melatonin is also called “sleep hormone”.Firstly, it improves the sleep quality.In addition, melatonin metabolizes the melanin pigment.

So if you get more melatonin secretion, your pigments will disappear sooner. Finally, high melatonin leads to the more transparent the white skin.

The knack of a good sleep!

1. Physical exercise
If you are physically fatigued during the day, you will be more prone to sleep.

Physical tiredness stimulates growth hormone secretion. So strength training such as jogging, squats and dumbbells is recommended.

2.Aroma for relaxing
Aroma oil, has a relaxing effect to encourage your sleeping.  For example,lavender and marjoram sweet are popular. In a word, they can soothe the excitement of the brain and make you relax.

3.Practice sleeping
One survey shows 7 hours of sleep a day on average enjoys the lowest mortality rate.  However can you sleep that long? If not, just be patient and then practice it.
Put down phones and turn off the lights and stay in your bed one hour earlier.

4.Foods containing serotonin
Serotonin is a sleep helper. So we can consciously select the food contains it.  A lot of seafood is first choice. Also we can eat spinach, yogurt, or bananas.

In conclusion,it is possible to get a white and transparent skin by taking a good sleep. And it deserves your daily try!