Skin Tightness Determines Your Age of Appearance

Why do you look much older than her? It probably results from skin tightness. Skin tightness is the biggest liar of women’s age.

The ideal state
A firm skin is a state that collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are tightly filled in the dermis layer inside skin.
And this makes the epidermis tense. In short, the skin has a good elasticity.
On the other hand, a skin with no firmness is like a balloon that is deflated. When the firmness disappears, the skin is followed by ordinances, giving the impression of aging.

The effective protections
If you want to regain and maintain your firmness, let’s take a look at the following skin care tips.

1. Moisturizing
Make use of lotion, beauty solution, milky lotion, cream and so on. In short, never let your skin experience dryness.

2. UV Protection
As I mentioned earlier, ultraviolet rays have a big effect on the firmness. Therefore, anti-ultraviolet measures are inevitable. Since it is more susceptible to damage than the age of 40,  it’s necessary to take UV measures  throughout the year.

Collagen and elastin are also essential for firmness. So supplement them in time as long as they decrease.
It is also important to having meals at home rather than eating out. That is to say, we need to eat in a balanced and regular way.

4.Face exercise
Skin becomes slack after 25. So it’s necessary to train your face muscles with face exercises. By the same token, your body muscle will lose tension if you neglect its training.
In my opinion, there are so many easy exercises that is good for your skin.
For example, there is an “alphabetical gymnastics” you can take a try anytime.


In conclusion, with these simple suggestions, you can enjoy a firmer skin and look younger.