A simple way, an art place

The other day, I was complaining to my friends that my bathroom glass is such a see-through, that makes me feel so unprotected.  In two days, my friend got me some colorful films. I was so surprised I asked why are you gonna do? He said, let’s put this on your glass and you’ll feel better.

So we did. The film is actually sticker for glass, when I put the film on, the glass looks totally different.  See.

The film is sticky so it’s not hard at all to operate. Just measure the size, cut the edge and put them on.

There’re so many of them to choose from. Some are really nice. They can be used on glass everywhere in the home, not just the bathroom.

The ballet girl is on the door of the closet.

These are quite eastern.

These are Italian style.

These are modern style.

These are ocean style.

These are plant style.

How about these, rich style? Oh, I love rich style.