Silk Scarfs for Autumn and Winter

The fashion circle always prefers enthusiasm in spring and summer while demureness in autumn and winter.It’s so free to wear a print dress with any shiny colors in spring and summer. However, when it comes to autumn and winter, it’s not easy for us to get a bright overcoat.  That’s why women like silk scarf so much. The scarves decorate women’s clothes  as a bright flower.

Scarves have different fabrics. Overall, silk, wool and cashmere ones are better than others. The shape of scarves also varies one from another. Square and rectangle enjoys much popularity.

Here are five silk scarves with different  styles . Go and check which is your favorite ?


Just like the quote from William Shakespeare goes, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” .  Similarly , the British fashion by any other formation would present as classic.



This scarf shows many graceful curves, romantic and feminine. Passing this as a gift , is like delivering a love letter.



This scarf features classic court style. It’s clear that the color combination here is diversified. Painted with different bags in four corner, the scarf looks so special owing to this detail . General speaking, this scarf indicates traditional craft spirit .

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