Whitening Care And Cosmetic Selections for Sensitive Skin

“Because my skin is sensitive, I cannot bear skin whitening.”

Are you one of them? For sensitive skin people, most of them tend to give up whitening or care skin in a very simple way. Instead, sensitive skin is more susceptible to damage, and need much more whitening care.

Here is a detailed introduction.

  • Sensitive skin characteristics

Sensitive skin refers to a condition in which the barrier function of the skin is weakened by some factor.
Due to the decrease in barrier function, a little stimulation is likely to cause itching, redness, and tingling. For example,  sweat arrives directly may makes you uncomfortable.

Sensitive skin tends to tan more easily than healthy one. When you want to wear cosmetics, you may feel a pungent stimulation and get rash.


  • Causes of sensitive skin

The causes vary from person to person. some may suffer from the daily environment,  and others  may check their skin quality and lifestyle.
For example, food, pollen, humidity and even fatigue can give rise to sensitive skin. Besides, strength of stimulation of the cosmetics matters, and even  face washing might be the cause.

  • Whitening care for sensitive skin

Firstly, protect the stratum corneum.

In order to ensure the whitening ingredients are fully functional, we need to  regenerate the stratum corneum. Only in a healthy skin condition can your skin absorb works better and better.  For example, cosmetics such as human ceramide blended are good choices.

(This is a common ceramide product. And it helps repair the stratum corneum.)

Most importantly, keep your skin away from stimulation and dryness.

Second, feeding the skin from within the body.

In the metabolism of the skin, protein and vitamin matter a lot.  Also, a good sleep brings the secretion of the growth hormone that is goof for skin .


  • How to choose whitening cosmetics for sensitive skin

1. Take more tires with those low stimulation products.

2.Select whitening ingredients to regain skin barrier function.

3.Anti-inflammatory components prevent skin problems.

Except for the above suggestions, I want to give you a special reminder. Since your skin is sensitive, don’t bother to do a patch test. Because there is a risk of allergy even it says it is natural.