Beautiful Shirts for Senior Ladies

F.A.B.U is now starting a brand new channel for the elders. Our mission is to have every lady embrace happy life, there’s no doubt that we should have a segment specially for the seniors.

Today there is a selection of beautiful and price friendly shirts for the senior ladies.

The selected shirts are all designed in loose cut to cover the belly, with vivid colors and comfort materials. They all can fit up to 176 pound.  For daily wearing, tea moments with friends, they will both fit really well. Take a look at them.

This nice shirt is made of soft and smooth chiffon, with beautiful Marble Textures, mixing black, white and blue, this shirt looks dignified and not dreary at all.

This floral shirt is also made of Chiffon. The orange color looks vibrant, and the floral seems lovely. In a loose cut, you’ll feel easy when stretching your body, and no uncomfortable a all.

This shirt is made of Chiffon. Well, Chiffon is a widely used material for summer and autumn clothing, so why not? This shirt is in a yellow, blue and grey mixed color, with a cloudy textures. The double-layer design in the hem looks fine.

This one, is a kniiting shirt with cotton. It’s in fit design but with very good flexibility. The ink painting on the white shirt looks chic.

This shirt is in Chiffon again. The painting on the front looks attrative, right? The model looks very comfortable wearing it.

I personally like this one a lot. The apricots look so lovely, and the color makes people feel 10 years younger. Do you think so?

The last piece shows what I think in my mind. Ribbons remind us of being youthful.  In the eyes of those that love you, you’ll be a princess as always.

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