Delicious Salmon Recipes for Whitening!

Do you know “salmon” ?  We almost  take it casually in the diet more or less . Yes , it is healthy but do you know its high-beauty effect?
As a matter of fact, salmon, also called “super anti-aging food”, can play a vital role in beauty whitening cosmetics.

(It’s a picture of astaxanthin capsule.)

Astaxanthin comes first among all the beauty ingredients from the salmon. Actually, we can often see it in whitening cosmetics, and astaxanthin works as a thousand times the antioxidant effect of vitamin E.

(This is a picture of vitamin E .)

In a word, we can expect  four following functions from salmon.

First, it does a good job for against aging. The antioxidant effect is to remove the active oxygen that promotes the aging of the body. At the same time, it is effective in preventing stain by suppressing the deposition of the melanin pigment.

Namely, eating more can help you stop wrinkles!


Second, it is beneficial to fatigue recovery.

Serine is an ingredient that helps remove tiredness of eyes and relieve stress, and you can find it in salmon.


Third, “DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)” from salmon is also a famous beauty ingredient.  Dmae can activate the central nerve of the brain, in an effort to recover the weakened nerves. For the women over 40, they really care about the flabby skin.

At last, we should take notice of the Omega 3 . It is an essential fatty acid for human’s body. The lack of omega-3 relates to the occurrence of inflammatory diseases, such as atopy, asthma, and cancer. Those who suffer from skin disorders caused by atopy should really take a try to eat the salmon consciously.

(This is a picture of  Omega 3 capsule.)

Well, in light of its special functions, we should not miss it in meals. The typical recipe needs  grilled salt, meuniere, foil and grilled.

 You can get many recipes in detail online , or just use your imagination to get a DIY hamburger,or whatever you want to eat with salmon !
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