HongKong Fine Jewellery Event Ruby Rings

Jewellery—women’s best friend ever. Today is the last day of HongKong Fine Jewellery Event, the so-called World’s Number One fine jewellery exhibition. Here demonstrate the most beautiful jewelleries ablaze with unique brilliance. Angela has found some pieces of nice ruby rings to share with us.

This beautiful vintage ring is made of 2.41ct ruby, 0.54ct diamond, 0.8g 75% solid gold.

Ruby is always an excellent choice for those, who prefer vintage fashion. Therefore, no one can refuse this elegant jelly-like ruby.

Ruby is born to shine.This one ,with classical design  and remarkable lustre, is like a noble crown for a woman. The smooth surface of gold along with glorous diamonds makes it the queen of all.

This ruby ring is made of 1.68ct ruby, 0.52ct diamond, and solid gold.

Compared with common diamonds, ruby can be peculiar but rather outstanding as time goes on. It attracts worldwide attention now  due to its distinctive character.

The ruby is unheated in purplish red color, with very good clarity. We can feel the shining glory, and observe its exquisite work. Surrounded by twinkling diamonds and solid gold, the three mysterious rubies can bring rare fascinating enjoyment.

This ring is made of 4.05ct natural ruby, 0.45ct diamond, and 7.2g solid yellow gold.

A large natural ruby is never out of date. In the past, it stands for power and wealth; today it’s the top option for ruby lovers. As we all know, ruby symbolizes love, eternal and faithful. So it has been a tradition that many royal families use it for wedding rings, especially in Europe.

The ring is in seamless mosaic craft, the same as used in Van Cleef & Arpels.Its perfect flawless quality has won every collector’s heart. A man can see stories hidden in the ruby. Long  ago, people believed that ruby can protect us from disasters. Now we  go after it for love.