Tips for Skin Redness

Some girls’ faces are always flushed, even in the cold winter. Don’t envy this redness. In fact, this redness is a disease.

In general, causes can be simply concluded into two.
One is skin thinning. For example, you may wash your face with cold water, and it will do harm to your skin.  Or your lotion is of high stimulation. The other is constitution. Tension or excessive stress should be to blame here.

Ways to improve redness

For example, you can use lukewarm water for cleansing. Unlike cold water, lukewarm water is good for blood circulation in face. Finally, it turns the redness into white skin.

In addition, make sure the cleansing sponge and your pillar cover is enough clear. And this can prevent inflammation.

At last, eating habits also matters. A balanced diet is best. Otherwise the fatty, salty, and sweet things can cause acne breakouts.If it is severe, don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist.

Effective whitening cosmetics

There are many kinds of whitening cosmetics, but the recommended ingredients for red are vitamin K and ceramide.
Vitamin K improves the blood circulation. And good blood circulation upgrades your skin health and show a healthy redness.  The ceramide has a high moisturizing power and it protects skin from dryness.

Tips  to choose lotion

The moisturizing power matters most for red skin. Because it becomes easy to dry. So you’d better keep the following points in your mind.

1) Ingredients with high moisturizing effect.

2) combination of anti-inflammatory components.

3) Low stimulation.

Besides ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen and royal jelly, are also beneficial to moisturizing effect.
In addition, alcohol is very bad for weak skin, allergic skin or sensitive skin. And we should avoid it to stop worsening the inflammation.

In general, for the slight redness, we can improve in diet and daily skincare. However, if it gets severe, please consult medically.