Pick up Your Halloween Garb!

Halloween is around the corner! Don’t you get excited?

In a Halloween party, you can dress yourself whatever you like, such as vampire, zombie, witch and etc. However, you can only keep the thrilling look for one night. But still, it’s interesting to wear clothes with Halloween symbols during these days. For instance, clothes with pumpkin carving patterns on them are good choices.

You can weara hoodie in almost all situations except official occasions. Thus the first priority gose to a hoodie with pumpkin carving patterns on it. Of course the color of the hoodie should be black, so that the pattern will be far more conspicuous.

The pumpkin carving pattern on the previous hoodie is kind of simple. But the pattern on this dark blue hoodie is more delicate. With bats flying around the pumpkin monster, it looks scary. Speaking of matching method, a pair of jeans works well with the hoodie, for their colors are pretty similar. Since the pattern is complicated, you should not wear trousers of bright color.

Pumpkin carving patterns are not neassary. There are other options. The two main colors in Halloween are black and orange. If you want to connect yourself with the festival, you must get yourself in either one of the colors. A red overcoat out of a black dress is eys-catching. And a orange velvet slip dress is trtendy, too.

The match of orange and black together creates an intense atmosphere  of Halloween. Black is a dark color, while orange is bright. The sharp contrast shows your excitment about the festival. You should also wear a pair of black boots, so the orange trouseres are between the black jacket and boots. The contrast becomes far more obvious. Besides, metal necklaces and rings make the outfit fabulous.

Enjoy your party and happy Halloween!