Beautiful Photo Wall

Photo wall is a wonderful decoration for spacious living room, and also carries a lot of happy memory. Every time my friends drop by, they look at the photos hang on the wall, talk about them, then we miss the moments of taking those photos together.

Black rectangular in different sizes.

You can choose whatever photo you like,of course. When you are done with the choosing, pick a style you favour.

Black can be easily organized. The rectangular shape may also add tidiness and clarity to your room. Except that, if you prefer modernity, this one is a perfect choice.

Black & white, round vs. square.

Various shapes are fit for natural style. Without fixed order, you can hang your photos in random and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Flowers and other green plants are also recommended by its side. Children truly love this type.

Nordic Style.
Now nordic style is popular among the world. You can choose a nordic clock as well.
The whole style is about simplicity and nature. If you like a green theme, this one is suitable. Wooden photo frame is also a great choice. Besides, watch for your color match. Light ones are recommended.

Life is like a film, everybody is a lead character.

Another type for your  innovation. This one is more classic style. If you are a fan of films, you may hang your favourite movie posts on the wall. Why not give it a try? It can be entertaining and much fun.

Cool style.

This cool style is of large pictures and  simple inspiring words.

Visual arts has been  in our blood since old times. Big pictures may bring you peace while simple words add your confidence.

Photo wall is now a necessary part of modern homes. Memory and fashion, combined together, enlighten our life.