Philips Frozen Olaf Night Light - Kids Love

When we were little, darkness was terrible and  full of mysteries. A light lasting until we fell asleepy can be comforting for those who fear the darkness. Philips has launched an Olaf shaped night light for kids . It is kids love.

Olaf is a cute character from the cartoon film ‘Frozen’, which has been a hit in cinemas. For his lovely appearance and popularity, Olaf has become children’s love and friend. With his pleasant smile, kids may regard him as their protector and  go to bed without worry.


The Olaf lamp is very cute, indeed. As to its material, the lamp is mainly made of silicone, so it touches very soft. Due to its small stature, kids may treat it as a toy and play with it, which is not recommended. In case of accidents, the soft and safe material may prevent from injury.

You may find that the lamp is not that big. Quite moderate size for kids. And it is easy to catch or carry, not slippery at all. So it can be taken wherever you go, to a campsite or on the train.

By the way, the lamp is suitable for kid of 2 — 8 years old.

This lovely lamp sells for $15.

It possesses some surprising functions. When kids fall asleep the lamp will sense it and automatically go off. What’s more, instead of cold white, its light color is warm orange, which can comfort kids and bring warmth into dark nights.

Kids love cartoon figures and friendly characters, so there have been many cartoon lamps on the shelves of supermarkets. However, many of them don’t have good quality and high-tech, moreover, they often hurt kids.

The Olaf Night Light is a safe product by Philips Frozen. Its simplicity and high quality also make it a wonderful gift or your home decoration.