Passage 53: 5 cuisine you shouldn’t miss in this Michelin 2 star restaurant in Paris

Besides the famous Caffè Stern, behind a white facade on the rather busy Passage des Panoramas shopping arcade lies a Michelin 2 star restaurant—Passage 53, at No.53 Passage. Here food is honest and has zero frills, which really bring out the individual flavours of the ingredients . The restaurant is rather small with only 6 tables, so it is one of the three restaurants considered as the hardest to make a reservation in Paris, the other two including L’Astrance and Yamtcha.

Passage 53 belongs to Relais&Chateaux. Its Japanese chef Shinichi Sato represents the best standard of Japanese-French cuisines. Shinichi Sato was trained by two Michelin 3 star chefs—Pierre Gagnaire and Pascal Barbot (L’Astrance).

The wine list is excellent and quite unique in many selections and it is very reasonably priced. The personalized excellent service combined with the lovely minimalist atmosphere and  unique fusion of Japanese cooking techniques with French cuisine led to a superb evening.

Each dish is carefully prepared and presented on the thinnest porcelain imaginable. The tasting menu provides imaginative and delicious flavors, the portions such that you will leave satisfied but not over-fed. Imagine caviar on top of a delicate onion sorbet.

Here are 5 amazing cuisine you shouldn’t miss in Passage 53!

Scored squid served with cauliflower puree. The squid was lovely and tender and had a light caramelisation on it. The creamy cauliflower puree had a lovely touch of nuttiness and struck the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. Perched on top of the squid was some freshly shaved cauliflower for extra texture and freshness.

A sublime, aromatic dish of superbly cooked Bresse chicken. It’s served with girolle mushrooms, a Parmesan cream and Roscoff onion ravioli. Wonderful fruity and nutty flavours from the girolle mushrooms and the the Parmesan cream gave the dish a nice salty finish.

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