PANDORA New Release

For silver lovers, PANDORA is a brand that can’t be ignored.  Here are some new pieces for fall/winter.

The brand is famous for its innovative and various little details. Established in Copenhagen,Denmark, it combines simplicity with different patterns.

Here is a typical lovely  bracelet.

For many young women, a all-silver bracelet sometimes can be ordinary. We strongly recommend you the Mix and Match style .

Fashionable and sometimes a bit naughty, this one is a perfect choice for modern young ladies. Whether you are going to a party or at work, it can definitely uplift the atmosphere.

Here is a pair of earrings and ring.

With delightful color this combination is a classic one. With round shape that can match all types, dazzling diamonds highlight the whole delightness.

This one is a necessary item in collections of young modern women. It’s hard to resist the fancy and clever design

Another combination includes blue-diamond earrings, rings and necklace.

Sea blue and pure silver, first choice of career women. Graceful and elegant, blue diamonds are popular and favoured since more and more women pursue independence and success in work.

It is perfect for banquets and other business parties.A decent dress with this combination of jewels, you can be the queen.

Silver bracelet with rings.

No pearls or big shining diamonds, the bracelet win over others by its simple and delicate design. Its pure silver is outstanding, with lovely ornaments, as many as you like, showing your energetic beauty.

Blue-diamond necklace.

With simple design, its well-cut blue diamond is fascinating.

Multiple choices are the reason why women choose PANDORA. You can always find your favourite match here, moreover, they all give you a smooth and confortable feeling.


Stunning  MOMENTS bracelet.

The MOMENTS bracelets are the top-listed product now. With classic-designed chains, this one is popular among chic girls.Dazzling diamond ornaments bring you shining confidence.

Are you a PANDORA fan, too?