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5 Hot Online Business Degree Programs 2017

Professionals in business world have strong needs to further education. The biggest hurdle lies in the busy daily schedule and multiple responsibilities. Online business programs come up as a solution. It provides flexibility in schedule arrangement, and usually more affordable.

This year, the top 5 hot online business degree programs are Master of Business Administration(MBA), Master of Accountancy, MBA in project management, Human Resources Management, and marketing management.

Master of Business Administration

MBA program has been hot for more than a decade.  Last year, 84% of American companies say they have plan to hire MBA holders according to an agency, and the median salary of MBA holders hits six digits. This made the MBA program hotter than ever.  Like one of the MBA ads says, we prepare you for success!

The strength of MBA education lies in the combination of management theory and real business cases.  In today’s business world, technology, globalization, changing economic situation all together make business decisions more challenging.  Two decades ago, people would believe a giant business will not end in at least 100 years, but things have changed significantly. A super successful company this year might go bankrupt in 5 years, if the top management level makes wrong strategic decision.

The business world needs senior management talents that understand the economy, technology, people, and how they interact. MBA holders prove to be better performer in the real business world.

Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy is another advanced degree in high demand for decades.  In a typical company, MBA program may provide competent CEO, COO, CMO, but a competent CFO comes from Master of Accountancy program. Master  in Accounting focuses on professional skills in accounting, analysis, tax.  Because of the analytical skills,  corporations ofter turn senior accountants for leadership roles.


MBA in Project Management

Project managers are shepherd to projects.  In managing large-scale projects from idea to outcome, a project manager is the key to success. A project manager should have cross-over knowledge in technology and business, and must have good communication skills.

MBA in project management train people with project manaement skills, budgeting and tracking skills, communication skills. Those who can master all these skills may embrace quite some employment opportunities.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources has a wide work scope from recruiting, onboarding new hires, to compensation & company culture. It’s never easy to find good candidates, hire them and ensure they stay with the company. In real practice, a good human resource manager is a treasure to a business.

Marketing Management

In the past few years we’ve seen higher demand for professional marketing managers. The trational marketing methods are losing focus, but eMarketing is developing rapidly. People who have skills in social marketing is welcomed by every company.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is a good way to get started. The highlight in marketing management or marketing manager education is the usage of eMaketing tools, for analysis, trial, social buzz, conversion.


In a word, whoever pursues a successful business career needs to take a look at these programs.  Each one of these business management degree programs will train you in critical thinking, management skills, communication skills, international business. Holding one of these degrees will make you more competitive in the job market.