Natural Pearl Brooches You'll Like

Nothing is more functional than a beautiful brooch in fall and winter. Honestly, brooches don’t work for summer at all, they are powerful in the rest three seasons though. You can put them on a Jacket, or a one-piece, or a scarf, or a sweater, or a shirt, or a suit… There’re so many occasions you can wear them, go to work, go dating, visit the seniors, visit your kid’s teacher, etc.

A good brooch makes you look elegant. Who doesn’t want to look elegant?

I have seen three brooches made of giant natural golden pearls, really beautiful and still affordable.

You are all experts of dressing so I’m not gonna gag. This brooch is make of alloy, black ceramic, zircons and a big natural white pearl. By the comparison with the fingers you’re able to see the size of the pearl is big. It’s also shining, you can see the reflection from the surface of the pearl.

This rose is made of weaving metal, and a big yellow golden pearl, all natural. The golden pearl is a sign of getting wealth, as said the golden color makes people more active in pursuing treasure.

Look at the back of the brooch, the back is also carefully made. 

This one is my favorite, it’s made of S925 silver, polished with triple color gold, with a big golden pearl. I think this one can stay with me for years. Even in 10 years, I become 10 times richer than I am now, I still can keep this one in my jewel box, since it’s actually gorgeous.

Leave a comment if you like anyone of them. We’ll choose the one beloved by most people for a groupon.