Mild Frankincense Essential Oil

In the Middle East and north African civilizations, frankincense was the spirit of all religions.
Islam and Christianity used it to exorcise, and the Egyptians used it to maintain their youthful face. Also, it worked in the ancient Chinese lymph treatment.

Frankincense, with warm and pure wood aroma, has a faint fruit fragrance, even a little lemon taste. And it brings a feeling of relaxation and soothing.

After being cut deep, the gum and resin of the frankincense tree will solidify into a milky granular substance. This is frankincense, and its shape seems like a teardrop. We can see it in the bible that frankincense is also called “the Tears of Christ”.

Finally, we can get the purest frankincense essential oil after distilling. Here we offer you a briefing on its effects.

Physiological effect

  1. Respiratory system
    Frankincense essential oil can slow down and deepen your breath. As a result, it works well for eliminating phlegm, acute and chronic bronchial cholangitis, as well as cough and asthma. Besides, if you are trapped in the respiratory irregularities out of long-term smoking, it is a good helper.

  1. Reproductive system
    Frankincense oil can warm the uterus and reconcile menstruation. And it is effective in childbirth and postpartum depression, making the puerpera soothing. Also, its convergence alleviates uterine bleeding and excessive menstrual blood.


Beauty effect

In the first place, it makes the aging skin renew, namely, it’s anti-aging. So we can expect it to dilute fine lines and smooth wrinkles. Not surprisingly, it also improves dark skin.

Secondly, it balances oily skin and tightens pores. Furthermore, it adds more elasticity to our skin.

Thirdly, it owns several medical effects. If your skin has problems such as inflammation, dryness, sensitiveness and wounds, you can have a try with the frankincense essential oil


Mind effect

The aroma from frankincense essential oil makes people feel smooth, peaceful and brings a better mood.

Considering its amazing effects in different ways, we recommend two places for you to use it.

The first is room of the elderly. For the elderly, frankincense is the most suitable long-term assistance essential oil. Because its smell is not too strong, and it is the most suitable one for daily aftercare.

The second is meeting room. A calm aroma from frankincense can bring peace to communication. So it will reduce a lot of gunpowder in the negotiations.