Do You Like Red Christmas Trees?

Christmas is coming. You guys must be excited to decorate your houses with beautiful Christmas trees. Our first lady Melania Trump’s cranberry Christmas trees have been a major draw this holiday season for visitors flocking to the White House for unaccompanied tours of the East Wing. Let’s have a look at these bright, red trees.

Do you like these red Christmas trees? Actually, I don’t like the taste of our first lady. I feel they are a little bit bloody. Compared with them, I like traditional Christmas trees more. The following are some bright Christmas trees I like best.

Green tree decorated with white snow: filled with the air of winter.

Pink series, they are really romantic. Girls like them best!

Christmas trees decorated with different little things including socks, they are cute, right?

The below one is totally covered with white snow, it’s really cold, yes?

This tree puts on little bright lights in snow shape, whose yellow light makes people feel warm in the cold winter.

I will get one for my house decoration in this Christmas. Have you found your one?


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