Leopard on your ears

I’ve found a pair of very special earrings, good for ladies with confidence and power. Yes, that means most of the ladies in America, we’re confident and powerful, aren’t we?

Look at them.

This pair is made of yellow gold 18k, which is typically used in Italian craft, the pattern of the leopard is made in a special Italian way, very nicely made. They’re not polished or paint, the brown color is made of 18k gold, too. If you mix various metal with gold, you can have 18k gold in various colors. The Italian workers are very skillful in this.

Look at the back of the earring, perfect gold it is.

This is a relatively big size, basically no one can’t ignore it. They look good on the model’s ears, right?

In US we use 14k gold a lot, which is 58% gold, 42% other metal.  If you have had a piece of jewel made of 14k gold from your grandma you would have known that it faded a bit over time. But 18k gold doesn’t fade, it doesn’t change color, that’s why it’s favored by people around the world, 18k gold contains 75% gold, and 25% other metal.

So this pair of earrings, if you have them, you can surely pass them on and on.