It’s Laundry

Laundry is necessary in our life, you may finish it casually, or you can use wonderful laundry boxes to both dress your home and make your life cleaner!

So we collect different laundry boxes for your selection. As you can see from the following pictures, different laundry boxes with various colors and designs add different scents to your bedrooms.

This is a laundry box in dark blue, and fits well with the male bedroom, spreading a cool feeling of this bedroom’s master. He must be a calm person and do the laundry regularly.

As to this kind of laundry box, warm-feeling  and light-color, make it look clean and gentle.  it can not only work as a laundry box , but also a storage box for daily use, such as file putting, small stuff collecting.

This box consists of three drawers, very creative. As a matter of  fact, its concise design even eclipses the basic storage function, making it a modest and useful decoration for your house. Grey, brown, and kaqi are three basic colors and they matches very well.

This one seems like a trash bin with a specific geometric design,  strong nordic style. For example, put it beside your bed and  use it as a big container for all kinds of your socks. Don’t you think yourself are the prince or princess of your home kingdom with so many supplies.
Besides, the white color matches any kind of your bed and bedsheets.

These two boxes are really cool,even lying down makes it artistic!
In the first place, you can use it as a decoration at your home. Besides, cover it with a trash bag and you can use it to put the paper waste. Moreover, if you need a small desk to put some magazines, just put the box down. Also, you can refer to the picture for temporary pillars putting.

The last one is kind of traditional. Two little rings on both sides of the laundry boxes is helpful to carry.

In a word, a laundry box is really versatile in your daily life.

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