Juniper Essential Oil With Impressive health benefits

Juniper is a common evergreen shrub in Europe, and it smells nice. Anything else you can immediately think of about juniper? For me, they are juniper wine and juniper essential oil, both with impressive health benefits, especially the juniper essential oil. And that is where our interest lies.
Juniper essential oil is essential oil extracted from the fruits of freshly ripe juniper trees. It usually shows in light yellow or light green.
Here are some of its qualities and benefits helpful to skin.

NO.1 weight loss helper
It may be a surprising and exciting news for women. Juniper essential oil has a strong detoxification effect. Because it promotes metabolism. As we all know, a good metabolism improves your skin state and body circulation. Then you can get a whiter skin and a slimmer shape.
Furthermore, this essential oil smooths lymphatic fluid and speeds up dropping body’s excess water. And guess what? A slim body with a young skin belongs to you in the end!

NO.2 powerful antibacterial agent
it’s amazing for a herbal skincare oil to have so much medical power. In general, juniper essential oil is effective for bronchitis, laryngitis, and influenza. More wonderfully, it can provide a cooling or warm-up effect depending on the needs of your body.
In particular, it works well for the respiratory by reducing the shortness of breath and cleaning mucus and phlegm.

NO.3 inflammation suppress
If you are suffering from the cystitis, hepatitis and prostate gland problem, daily use of juniper essential oil will help a lot. Because it
purifies the kidney and restrain inflammation.
Also, it betters your digestive system, especially for intestinal disorder.
What’r more, it can relieve rheumatism, gout, sciatica and arthritis symptoms. When the symptom is very urgent or painful, a wet packing of this oil is a natural painkiller. So you can get some in your home for prevention.

NO.4 skincare effect
It helps balance oil secretion, especially effective for the oily and unclean skin. Most of us may have the problems such as eczema, acne and pimples from time to time,  then the juniper essential oil is really a savior. Because it dredges pores, bringing you a finer texture.

All in all, this oil is really worth a try. If you keep it handy, i think it will help a lot in daily life