(in Stock) Blingdots Haircut Kit Rechargeable, Pro Cordless Hair Clippershair Grooming Trimmers Set for Men, Father, Husband, Kids, Pet

✅Products include: 1 hair clipper, 1 Adapter, 4 cutter heads, 1 brush
✅Combined with the ergonomic construction make this clipper top notch in both durability and comfort.
✅Complete with a traditional steel blade set, its everything you need all in one.
✅Professional Hair cutting kit features an easy-to-use compact clipper for multi-purpose grooming.
✅Clipper has a durable, long-lasting powerful motor and self-sharpening precision ground blades that stay longer, provides accurate and consistent performance.
Brand Blingdots Home
Manufacturer Blingdots
Size 20.5*10.5*7.5cm
Dimensions & Weight