Hot Job in upcoming 20 years

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The elderly population is booming, and it will keep booming in the upcoming 15 years. According to the Institute of Medicine, the 78M baby bommers are now between 53-71, in 2030 the baby boomers are aged between 66-83.  The huge elderly population means a high and increasing demand for gerontologists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers on elderly populations have seen a job growth of 22% in the past 10 years. In the next 15-20 years, number of assisted-living communities and senior-living communities will grow significantly, there’ll be strong demand for gerontologists.  The higher demand ensures the growth of medical and public health social workers’ wage.

Careers in gerontology

Gerontology studies the aging process and the society change as a result of an aging population, including but not limited to social, mental and physical aspects. Gerontology degree is avalilable at all levels, for an entry level people can enroll program from online, but you can always pursue advanced degrees after that.

Gerontology offers various career path.

  • Applied gerontologists work directly with elderly individuals, families and groups.
  • Administrative gerontologists develop various programs for the elderly.
  • Research gerontologists focuses on living conditions, social networks and aging process of the elderly, understanding and improving from a macro perspective.
  • Most commonly, gerontologists work in hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, etc.

Certificate in gerontology

Holders of gerontology certificate are called gerontologist. Individuals with gerontology certificate mainly come from a gerontology, sociology, psychology, nursing or social work background.

A certificate holder with on-the-job experience with the elderly usually has more job opportunities.

Wage of gerontology

Currently, the median annual wage of gerontologist is $49,200, and it will keep growing along with the growth of the elderly population.



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