Does Honey Have a Whitening Effect?

When it comes to skin whitening, we can think of so many tips  to make our skin fair and beautiful . For those who seek whiter and more beautiful skin, professional skin care is inevitable. Here we introduce you a common food, honey, which can easily bring you a skincare at home.

Apart from using it in the meal, we often blend honey in various skincare products. We are all familiar about it but do you know exactly its ingredients? Then let’s  learn about its ingredients and usage.

The whitening ingredient of honey comes in vitamin B and vitamin C .

Vitamin B helps to make healthy skin by normalizing the skin turnover cycle, and vitamin C is an essential ingredient in whitening, such as the effect of antioxidant and melanin formation suppression.

In addition, because honey has a moisturizing effect and a high permeability, it is possible to penetrate vitamin B and C while giving moisture to the skin when used in the pack, and the effect is obtained from the inside of the skin.

Honey can also remove the corner stopper in a gentle way , and prevent the pimple by sterilization, leading to whitening and beautiful skin.


Since we are aware of the ingredients of honey , how can we use it in the most effective way?

Actually , you can mix it with so many things  such as yogurt, brown sugar and aroma oil.   Also, it is possible to expect even higher effect if you combine it with whitening cosmetics.  Besides, using the honey pack once a week is beneficial for a smoother skin.

Last but not least, if you choose a 100% pure one to use for whitening,  do remember to give a little test on your hand in case
allergic reaction.  and you can also use this step for all the homemade skincare products.

See, honey is a really good thing . It is full of nutrition as food and functions in various ways as a skincare product.