Handmade cuties

No one would feel surprised if I say I spend plenty of minutes to search for good stuff to buy. I’m become more and more critical and demanding though, sometimes I hang around a whole day and see nothing special. The other day, I saw some small things that just took my heart in one second.

In the window of a small street corner shop I saw the face of this rabbit.

And his friends.

He looks so happy, doesn’t he?

I couldn’t help touching him, I though he’s made of resin something, I was totally wrong. He touches so soft, he’s made of fabric, totally hand made.

Look at his friends.


Oh, you all look hungry, don’t you?


Now are you going to kindergarten?

The owner of the shop is a guy, Wow. He has so nice hands he can make these lovely small things. If you trust your skills you can buy this material bag and made them on your own. I can’t,  I need to admit that. I’ll just buy this lovely rabbit.