Green rugs & winter sunlight

A verse I like says:

I have a house facing the sea, 

with blossoming in spring

This has always been my dreaming house. I want a house facing the sea, where winter never visits, summer is always in dominance.

The truth is that I live in a place with four distinct seasons. I like the warm seasons, I dislike the non-warm season. So what I do for my house is to keep it as warm as in spring, and as green and live as in spring.  I put green leafy plants in my house, so I can feel the pleasure of life. 

Like the green rugs, it’s too much to have a green wall or a green closet. But it’s okay to have a green rug, with moderate size, beautiful color, and replaceable with some other rugs.


This one is elegant, with a green/blue color, from light to deep. This pattern like the tail of a peacock looks delicate. I like one beside my bed.

I like this pair, they match well, right? The cushion lovely too. With a light of sunshine coming into the window if makes me feel I’m at a beach house in Asia.

This one is like a piece of work from the hands of nature. I’ve got to say it’s not my favorite by simply looking at the rug, but this green-white mix is easy to go along with. Put it with a white cover sofa, and put a green cushion on the sofa, they look in a great harmony.

I am not a fan of geometric lines, and Aquarius should like it a lot. 

This one is my favorite, the rug and the green sofa makes a perfect delicate vintage. In winter, I use the green sofa cover, in summer, I replace with a white sofa cover. Both are very nice to look at. A white sofa with this rug brings a feeling of cooling, and a green silky sofa with this rug brings a feeling of satisfaction in winter.