Great Jojoba Oil Against Blackheads

What are your top five skin problems in your list? Blackhead is definitely one, I guess. You may have tried dazzling cosmetics and folk prescription to avoid it. But does it really work?

To solve the problems, we’d better firstly lock its source. Blackheads, mainly comes after the mixing of sebum and exfoliated cell debris, plugging in the pores. So the first step to avoid blackhead is to dredge the pores.

Here we introduce you a great helper, the jojoba oil.There is a shrub in the Sonora desert, located in southeastern California. We call it Iojoba, pronounced ho-ho-ba. Its seeds are rich in a liquid wax ester, and it is exactly the jojoba oil after processing.

What is the speciality of jojoba oil?
Firstly, the chemical composition of jojoba oil consists mainly of long-chain fatty acids and long-chain fatty alcohols, technically it is not oil, but a wax ester. So it is unique in the plant world, hailed by USDA as “liquid gold” from the desert.

Second, its composition is similar to skin sebum, and can easily penetrate into the skin. According to the pharmacodynamics, jojoba oil is the best of all animal and vegetable oils, which can quickly enter the cuticle through the pores, and promote its absorption. Therefore, jojoba oil doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Because of the two major advantages, jojoba oil does well in stopping blackheads. Put it on the skin, and it mixes itself with sebum, dissolves sebum. So pores with fat plugs will become small and loose.

How to use jojoba oil?
In fact, you can use it as makeup oil. The steps are very simple: pour jojoba oil in our hands, gently massage in the black place, and rinse the oil thoroughly with facial cleanser after 10 minutes.Then we just need to go with usual skin care products.

Jojoba oil fits for using 2-3 times a week. After two months, the pore inside basically will get clean, then we can enter the phase of contraction pores. In addition to improving the Blackhead, jojoba oil also benefits hair, improving hair loss and dandruff. Besides, it behaves well in pregnancy lines and chapped skin caused by eczema.

In a word, blackhead cannot disappear in one day. A scientific theory guidance and a long-term care is much likely to bring a noticeable change.