Glittering  South  Sea  Golden Pearls

Golden, is the unique color of south sea golden pearls. The south sea golden pearl is the queen of pearl, mainly produced in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and other places.

The south sea golden pearl  belongs to a kind of deep sea pearl.  It’s hard to breed it, so the south sea golden pearl values high.There was an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in 1994. After that, the south sea golden pearl sharply reduced, and caused a serious lack of supply, rising its market price .

The diameter of south sea golden pearl is generally above 0.35 inch. The common size varies from 0,35 inch to 0.47 inch.  The south sea golden pearl differs in levels according to its diameter. Those south sea golden pearls, whose diameters between 0.47 inch and 0.59 inch , are in a precious level. If the diameter achieves 0.47 inch and above, we can classify the pearls into a rare level.

The south sea golden pearls are mainly in white and gold. In terms of value, the golden ones are  more expensive than the white ones.

Here are several golden pearl necklaces come from Angela Fay studio.

A summary chart below shows exactly the differences in pearl colors .

There is no industry standard for pearl. But we have some common references :diameter, luster, defection, roundness, nacre thickness.
The bigger the diameter, the stronger the luster, the more round the pearl, the higher the value. For example, fine round south sea golden pearls values highest , followed by close round, oval, drop shape, and finally irregular aliens.

Among  all these golden pearl necklaces , the most golden one comes first  and in fact values highest. And its pearls have a diameter between 0.43 inch to 0.55 inch.

For example, this golden pearl necklace in the following video, which is perfectly round. And it features a 75%plus surface defectless and mirror-like luster. So we can consider it of superior quality.  Wearing it definitely makes a woman elegant and nobile.