Charming Golden Copper in Home and Kitchen!

Nowadays, Gold mixed with copper has become the new “Internet celebrity” in the field of home.

Pinterest’s list of the top 10 household pop elements for 2017 has seen a 90% increase of search index over the past year.
Gold copper, with its natural sense, can make dark color not flamboyant but charming.
Now let’s take a look at these golden copper things.

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Golden copper cup

More and more people are attracted by the combination between gold copper and marble. This creative combination show a different side of gold copper, warm and bright.

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Golden copper salver

This is an oval golden salver, streamlined, shiny and fine.
Besides decorating coffee cup, the salver still works as the desktop sundry.

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Golden copper candlestick

This candlestick is cast in full brass. It touches silky and matches almost everything!
Usually we take metal as cold and hard , copper included. However , golden copper here shows fresh and artistic feeling, making you home aristocratic .

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Golden copper vase

Gold copper matches especially well with space in white theme. This match improves brightness of the whole space.
The vase from India is exactly a fine of golden copper.  Its details are so brilliant , making a luxury and noble style.
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Golden copper tap

When gold copper shines in the bathroom, it brings beauty and  extremely sterilization.
This antique looking tap is in an European style.   Instead, the arc design of faucet caters to the Chinese aesthetics and the usage habit. The built-in bubbler introduces water more gently .


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Golden copper watering can

This is small spray kettle for gardening.
Gold copper body, with delicate lines , equals to perfect !  This combination can totally shine your room with a moderate degree, both bright and warm, reminding people of the old days and memories . Moreover , it seems to upgrade your life quality at the guests’ first glance.  The guest may consider its owner as an esthetician.

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