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What A Globe Tells You

A lot of people put a globe in the living room or study room. The preference  shows what type of person the owner is. Globes appeared in the third century BC. It is an ancient heritage which indicates wisdom and wide horizon of a man. If you pay attention, you will agree that it’s easy to get.

Here we are gonna show you several classic globes which can be a fair decoration for your home.

The owner pursues formalism. The books are hard to read, three globes are more than a person needs.

Common style of classicism, with old books, these three can be easily got and each one of them can be a good item for your study. If you are not very serious about it, a small decent globe is enough.

The owner is manly. He prefers metal stents for both the lamp and the globe.

This one is very solemn and strong, suitable for formal occasions, for example, your office or a decoration for companies. Its perfect design shows self-discipline and strict structure, so it’s popular among successful men who care about a good taste.

The owner is nostalgic, the globe looks like a history imprint, as if a heritage of generations.

This one can be set in a living room, simply serving as a decoration. It fits nordic style and may help to calm people down. The elegancy and grace inherent in it draw much attention.

This one is interesting , with its  vogue design and distinctive quality. It belongs to a man whose footprints remain in many parts of the world, I guess.

The owner was born noble, mediocre isn’t him. Combined with two deer sculptures, this globe has unusual color that highlights its aura and emphasizes top-class standard.

The owner is rich, successful. The globe-like clock attract all attention. It is innovative and chic. A great choice for your fashionable and classic home.

The owners are in love. A pair of lover globes — definitely a surprise for Valentine’s Day.