Elegant Antumn Dresses With Fashionable Styles

November 8, 2017

Autumn is the best dressing-up season for girls. We can make ourselves  graceful  with various elegant antumn dresses.

During summer days, we may feel awkward sometimes when the wet clothes get sticky because of sweats.While in the autumn, sweat seldom appears even  in sunshine days . It’s so comfortable for us to get tops with sleeves of any length, and skirts with any styles.

So ladies, please don’t waste this great opportunity to turn modern and special!


Today we offer you seven selected dresses for autumn from MeetMetro, definitely making you look energetic.  MeetMetro is an emerging brand and its design  fits both in office and party .Unlike H&M UK or Zara, inspired by chic fashion ,  MeetMetro focuses only on elegance and graceful beauty of mature women.

Model Show:

Fabric composition :       95% polyester fiber;5% spandex
Design description:
V-neck and full of elegance; Romantic bubble sleeves makes you sweet and charming;Waist- gathered and appear thinner ; The hem of the fishtail skirt is in a woman’s taste; fishtail skirt adding femininity.

Model Show:

Fabric composition :     95% polyester fiber;5% spandex
Design description:
Comfortable and  breathable ;  easy to handle ; neat square-neck;  lower waist A word, show the feminine taste;  A-line waist-gathered lower hem adding femininity.

Model Show:

Fabric composition:   95% polyester fiber;5% spandex

Design description:
absorbent and breathable; do not fade; neat shirt collar; double side pockets make you confidence and generosity.

Model Show:

Fabric composition:
Tops:           20% angora ;45% viscose fiber;  45% nylon ;10% cashmere
Bottoms:  65% viscose fiber;30% chinlon;5% spandex

Design description:
Soft hair texture;Semi-high collar to keep warm ; drop-shoulder sleeve to polish shape proportion ;elegant temperament.

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