Elbow and Knee Whitening Care in Winter

October 17, 2017

Unlike the face, we seldom check the elbow and the knee in the mirror. If you keep leaving it alone, it will become darker and rougher. So let’s take an early care this winter.

Why the elbow and the knee is dark?

The causes are “friction” and “dryness”. We often use elbow to support ourselves on the table and the desk. Therefore, friction is frequent.

In addition, sebum in the elbow and knee is relatively small. Hence it is easy to become dry. Also, dryness makes the calluses thick and rough.
Because of the above friction and dryness, darker skin is the consequence.

How to whiten these two parts?

The first measure is “moisturizing”, especially after a bath.

After taking a bath, the skin is in a soft state. Then you should start a careful moisturizing care.
The moisturizing cream is not a one-time coating, and you need to overlap it.
Afterwards, let’s do a stroking back and forth. Because of the warmth of the hand and you whole body, you elbow and knee will absorb the cream utterly.

Also, it is important to perform the care daily.
Because the elbow and the knee are quite defenseless, being conscious is the first step of care. In other words, you should try you best not to press or rub your elbow and knee.

Apart from the daily protection, we need to feed our elbows and knees with lotion, latex, serum, and creams in a daily frequent too. In fact,it’s the same way as you care for you face. And It do make a difference gradually.

By the way, the cream doesn’t have to be so expensive. There are various moisturizing creams for winter body care.

For example, you can just use the Vaseline  series. Anyway, as long as it protects the skin from dryness and rubbing, you can take a try.

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