Effects and Side Effects of Placenta Injection

Can I ask you a question? Are you willing to get a whitening effect just by hitting an injection?

As I know, this method attracts many people. Since its immediate effect, I can’t stop considering whether it is safe. After all, health matters more than beauty.
Then let’s learn more about placenta injection and its side effects.

What is it?
In fact, we are extremely familiar with it. Because it is the organ that once contacts you and your mother.

With the placenta, you can get the maternal nutrition and oxygen. To be specific, you can absorb amino acids, proteins, lipids, and sugars as well as vitamins, minerals and so on from the placenta.

In a word, placenta delivers you various nutrients that are essential for maintaining body functions.

Placenta in the medical and beauty field, is the extract of the nutrient ingredient from the placenta of the mammal.


How to Inject?

Plastic injections have subcutaneous injections and muscle injections, and muscle injections are more immediate. It is common to strike on the arm, but if you can’t stand the pain, hips are alternative. And there is also a method of injecting directly to the face to increase effect.

The effects are individually different. In general, you can feel the effect after two or three injections. One injection’s effect lasts for two to three days.
For the first two to three months, you are recommended twice a week. Then once a week can maintain this effect.



It also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid. Those ingredients add moisture and firmness to skin, fighting wrinkles and sagging.
Furthermore, it improves physical strength. Non-human mammals eat their placenta after childbirth. This helps recover physical strength.

Side effects

There is a possibility of swelling, pain, and bruising caused by injection, but these will almost last less than half a day.
Sometimes the reaction of chills, nausea, fever, and rash may occur, and you should stop the injection immediately.
In addition, if you are allergic to the amino acid, don’t try it.

All in all, placenta injection is a personal choice. you can expect its effect, also stand its cost.