What Is ” Dry Acne ” ?

November 15, 2017

Once the barrier function degrades, it causes more water draining, the skin getting more drier. Obviously , the cutin updating will take more time . Finally the pores are more easily blocked by aging keratin, causing “acne”.

In other words, a reduced barrier function leads to the dry acne.



Cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing, helps restore healthy skin.

Moisture matters a lot for skin care. Remember to use effective moisturizing products after cleansing.Cleaning products with strongly oil-removing effect isn’t good for dry acne.

it’s better to choose those with a mixture of oil and grease for nourishing skin.Then we can get improve skin environment and repair skin barrier.

If dry acne occurs, try some anti-inflammatory products.  Regular daily schedule and adjusted diet will be a plus.



Tips:  do not use salicylic acid, acid and other powerful oil-control products in case of acne aggravation.

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