What Is " Dry Acne " ?

Dry areas of our face skin , mostly in the “U” zone, can sometimes produce acne.
Most of us may suffer from this skin disorder, but here comes a question :
Do you really  know about it ?
what is dry acne ?
why it can disturb so many people ?
And how can we beat it ?

Well, we make a straightaway  brief for you .


This type of acne is different from the “pimples” of young people.  Dry acne often appears on women’s faces .

if you are over 25 years old , of course , female , you are more likely to get the dry acne.

As we put it before,  the reasons of this chronic skin disease,  as well as the treatment,   differ from the common pimples’ .



The reason of the dry acne is the decreased barrier function.

The skin sebum secretion of women aged over 25 will gradually reduce.

After that, the dry indoor environment and thinning skin surface sebum membrane will speed up reducing the  barrier function.

Once the barrier function degrades, it causes more water draining, the skin getting more drier. Obviously , the cutin updating will take more time . Finally the pores are more easily blocked by aging keratin, causing “acne”.

In other words, a reduced barrier function leads to the dry acne.



Cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing, helps restore healthy skin.

Moisture matters a lot for skin care. Remember to use effective moisturizing products after cleansing.Cleaning products with strongly oil-removing effect isn’t good for dry acne.

it’s better to choose those with a mixture of oil and grease for nourishing skin.Then we can get improve skin environment and repair skin barrier.

If dry acne occurs, try some anti-inflammatory products.  Regular daily schedule and adjusted diet will be a plus.



Tips:  do not use salicylic acid, acid and other powerful oil-control products in case of acne aggravation.