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Going online with Drexel University College of Medicine

Drexel University is known as one of the nation’s premier academic and research institutions. Drexel University ‘s medicine college is one of the largest private medical schools in the country.

If you are asking for a graduate level online medical programs to improve your clinical research administration level, Drexel University’s college of medicine would be a good choice.Its online programs run in two forms: graduate and certificate. Check and select one to learn more about the medical world.


1. Master of Laboratory Animal Science
It is designed for those seek for a promotion in the working field of laboratory animal science.

2.MS in Biomedicine and Business
It provides comprehensive training in fundamental aspects of scientific discovery, technology commercialization and business, focusing on leadership culturing in scientifically-oriented management.

3. MS in Biomedicine and Digital Media
This MS is a unique program providing the opportunity to intersect science, technology, art and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis in health, science and biomedical technology development.

4. MS in Biomedicine and Entrepreneurship
Developed to improve students in technical and practical aspects of science, research and entrepreneurship, this program cultivates individual initiative and entrepreneurial thinking around scientific discoveries and innovation.

5. MS in Biomedicine and Law
This program offers comprehensive education and training in technical and practical aspects of science and research, as well as in the legal aspects related to new biomedical product development, entrepreneurship and regulatory compliance.

6. MS in Clinical Research Organization and Management
It’s tailored for experienced research professionals seeking credentials and clinical management skills.

7. MS in Clinical Research for Health Professionals
This degree helps you change into independent investigators and other practicing researchers familiar develop their clinical careers further.

8. MS in Drug Discovery and Development
This program teaches you understand, evaluate and engage with the entire process of drug discovery and development, which is necessary to succeed in the field of drug.

9. MS in Immunology
This program focuses on research and development about new immunodiagnostics, immunotherapeutics, and infectious diseases vaccines.

10. MS in Infectious Disease
It features graduate-level training in the fundamentals of molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology, as well as diseases caused by important infectious pathogens.

11. MS in Medical and Healthcare Simulation
The program is the first of its kind to offer advanced training in simulation teaching, curriculum design, and the fundamentals of simulation research in an inter-professional setting.

12. MS in Molecular Medicine
This online program was developed to provide the enhanced academic credentials needed in your existing role or to serve as the foundation for pursuing a career in the biomedical industrial sciences.


1. Certificate of Study in Clinical Research
It is designed for both professionals seeking credentials and career-movers entering the clinical research field. Credits here work for the full MS in Clinical Research Organization and Management.

2. Certificate in Drug Discovery and Development
It not only provides in-depth learning of complex elements on drug discovery and development, but also helps you maintain an enduring and productive career within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

3. Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Hybrid Program
This is especially for those with non-science undergraduate degrees who are devoted to be health professions.

4. Quantitative Principles for Clinical Research Certificate
It is designed for those seeking graduate-level training in the basic principles of clinical research, including data analysis, understanding medical literature, and communicating results.