Dress Yourself Slim

We can classify all people into 3 types: men, women and models. Models are different from men and women, because they possess a beautiful figure. Most women desire to have the same shape and curve with them. In proper dress, your dream can be realized.

1.       Show Your Neck

Exposing the neck makes you look taller and thinner. You can cut your hair short or tie it up. Keep the length of your hair above your breasts if your neck is large.

2.       Highlight Your Waistline

High-waisted trousers and shirts help to higher your waistline. As a result, your legs become longer and your waist gets slimmer.

3.       Garment Version: Slim

To make yourself look like a model, you should wear at least a piece of tight clothing. Show your shape confidently. Both the upper and the lower part of your body are attractive.

4.      Stay away from Long and Oversize Coats

Long and oversize coats is in the mid of chic trend. But if you are not tall enough, try to resist the temptation. It’s difficult to handle. Usually you become shorter and fatter after wearing it. If you have already bought one, dress it up with heels.

5.        Tiny Belt instead of Wide Belt

The function of a belt is to show the proportion of your body. Even though your waistline is vague, a belt makes it clear and fine. A tiny belt is better than a wide one. Wearing the latter, some people may look clumsy, but the former fits most of us.

6.       Choose the Right Bag

With various bags to choose from, you must figure out which one fits you perfectly. Large bags make you shorter, while small ones make you taller. Clutches and shoulder bags have the best effect of emphasizing a person’s shape.

You may find yourself like a model while hanging out in your elaborately-matched outfit.