The dress Melania Trump wears from Victoria Beckham

Days ago I read a post about Meghan Markle said she probably would not wear any dress from Victoria Beckham again because her figure isn’t cut out for the dress. This reminds me of the first lady once wearing the beautiful stripped color dress from Victoria Beckham. 

I meant this dress, amazing, isn’t it?

Victoria Beckham also wore a piece of similar dress from the same season collection.

Who looks better, Victoria or Melania? I vote for the first lady. Melania does have a nice figure for this dress.

Although I like Melania more, the skirt on Victoria is quite fancy. See another picture of it.

I have to admit that Victoria looks so young in this dress, and she’s actually very young-looking, since she has spent a fortune on her face, and she lives a superb healthy style, which reminds me I need to sleep early today.

Okay, bye for now.