Dress like an Office Lady

If your company does not ask you to wear a suit, then there is no need for you to be too official or serious. However, you also can’t be too casual, since you have to go to the company rather than work at home.

A suit is the typical outfit for work. But as you are in a company with no such requirement, you can change it into a casual type. Wear a plain T-shirt instesd of a collar, and the result is totally different. You will find yourself in a much more casual manner.

Be it white or black, the coat of a suit matchs well with jeans. And to make yourself look slim and energetic, roll the jeans up above your ankles. Moreover, Highering yourself in heels, you will feel like that you are the queen in the office.

The match that wraps the model in the picture above is brilliant. When the white shirt meets the khaki trench coat, the mixed style of leisure and solemnity comes into being. You can wear it not only to office, but also to dates and gatherings.

When it gets cold, a scarf around your neck will keep you warm. As for the handbag, you must have a leather one. The color should be either white or black. You can carry it in your hand or over the shoulder. But there’s one thing you should avoid, don’t carry it across your body, or it will ruin the shape of the trench coat.

As winter comes, you can wear a sweater between the shirt and the trench coat. Sashing the belt also protects you from the invasion of the cold air. Meanwhile, it emphasizes the beautiful curve of your waist.

In spite of all the matching methods we have talked about, being confident is of the most importance. With confidence and proper office outfits, you certainly will have a successful career.