The Good Things From Dr. Jart

Since Dr. Jart+ new repair serum appeared at backstage of Kith’s spring ready-to-wear show , it has gained attention from beauty editors and pros, even Allure editor wrote about it.  Dr. Jart+ is one of the hottest Korean beauty brands. As you may have noticed, the Korean beauty has made penetration in American ladies’ lives, and has got some fans.

The repair serum at Kith’s backstage is the new released Tiger Grass repair serum. It’s now stored in Sephora, although in a low profile way. The allure editor tried this serum, and she said it’s like miracle, in her own words “because five minutes later, my skin was totally back to normal. Business as usual. And, just like Kith’s models, I decided my skin looked so good that I didn’t really need foundation, either.”

You would definitely feel like trying this. Yes, this product is for treatment of annoyed, stressed-out skin. It’s a combination of plants with copper, zinc, and selenium as key ingredients.

The Centella Asiatica Complex is mixed by Madecassoside, Madeecassic Acid, Asiaticoside and Asiatic Acid. As everybody know Centella Asiatica is great in protecting skin from stress.

The Herbs Complex of Houttuynia Cordata and Ressurrection Plant can enhances skin’s viability.

It also contains plants that relieve the inflammation.

So this is basically an SOS repair serum that everybody could consider to have one.

Other than the serum, Dr. Jart+ has offered a few star products that have been selling really well in Asia market.

The Capsule Mask

These are Dr. Jart+ Dermask. It’s called by the fans as capsule mask because the cover looks like a capsule. This series of mask is gel foundation, with all kinds of nutrition. A great thing about Korean mask is its super power in hydration and moisturizing. Since it’s cold and super dry in Korea, almost every Korean brand does well in moisturizing, otherwise it just can stand in the local market.

The left mask is specially designed for cheek and eye lift. If you notice, people look elder with sagging cheek and eyelids, even if they don’t have wrinkles. If you want your face look upward and young, you can try this mask. There is no alternative in the US market right now.


The Rubber Mask

The rubber mask is a new release in 2017. The mask is rubber texture. Unlike sheet masks from Japan, Korean sheet masks don’t dry in 10 minutes. You can wear it for more than 30 minutes. When you take it off, the skin look moisturized, poreless, bright, and firm.

Ceramidin Cream

This cream is full of helpful ceramide and skin protecting ingredients. It sooths, repairs skin, and build strong skin barrier. For the skins irritated from over exfoliating, this cream is the God. 


BB Cream


Do you know that BB cream actually originated from Korea? In Korea, almost every woman wears BB cream. Korean BB cream is very multi-functional. It has UVA and UVB protection, covers pores, covers flaws, works perfectly as foundation, and make skin look bright, smooth, beautiful. And it doesn’t dry out easily, as mentioned above, moisturizing is the No. 1 element for every Korean product.

Try one of these, and you may feel happy about your choice.